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  • Introduction

    ARIA PISHROW GHARN Company was established in 2000 by considering the requirements of industries to the skills and experiences of “Project Management” especially in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Short while after the establishment, it started its activity as the project management contractor (PMC) upon two industrial projects.

    By an emphatic commitment to the customer orientation,  maintenance and the assurance of quality, ARIA PISHROW GHARN Company has already paced steps toward the constant improvement and in addition to obtaining certificate of competence as the first rank advisor in oil, gas refineries and petrochemical industries issued by Deputy Planning and Strategic Supervision of the Presidency (The Management and Planning Organization) it could also obtain the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 issued by BQC  Company.

    By a 15 year of active presence at the State’s main industries and holding 1900 year/person on its own experience of human resources, ARIA PISHROW GHARN is to create the specialized reputable companies under the support and cooperation with the well-known local and/or external companies providing long term strategic planning to promote quality of services, and to follow delivery of specialized services and execution of various projects in the field of  planning engineering, plan management services, workshop supervision and effective participation in EPC big projects or following its full candidateship  and seriousness of its bright path for the promotion of the level of professional services, naturalizing new technologies and entering into upstream industry and regional market.

    ARIA PISHROW GHARN Company is committed into two principles in accepting responsibilities and executing projects:

    • Product Quality (services) delivered and time management
    • Commitment against customer (client) and maintenance of the privacy of project’s information

    Based on this policy, the company, in all projects, is obliged to take the trust of the client and to observe quality of all of the items delivered to client, integration engineering and execution of permanent control of costs and on time delivery.


    • First degree specialty of oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery by 6 authorized works.
    • Third degree specialty of basic metal industries (steel, melt and casting) and Machine manufacturing.