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About Us

ARIA Pishrow Gharn was registered and established in year 2000, as a private joint stock company by a group of oil and gas project management professionals.

During the first year of its existence, ARIA was awarded with two PMC contracts in chemical and power industries.

By the year 2005, ARIA was well established in the local energy projects' engineering and management services market.

In 2006, ARIA signed its first EPC services contract for a petrochemical plant in the north-west of the country and introduced itself as a reliable EPC services provider to the clients.

Following its path to growth, ARIA and its partner companies signed a 285,000,000 USD contract in 2008, to provide EPC services for a prestigious gas development project in south of the country. By then ARIA had seven jobs in its completed projects portfolio.

As the winds of the world troubled economy started to blow, ARIA launched a strategic adjustment initiative which led to an organizational re-structuring in the year 2010.

Today ARIA has been transformed into a diversified multi-business corporation forming around its core competencies of project execution and management services and business activities which have synergies with the core competencies.

We are beginning to extend our reach and offer new services and products that could appeal to our current customers and/or new customers though technologically different to our current services and products.

We will be committed to excellence in customer management, operational excellence, our social responsibilities and professional ethics to create value for the stakeholders.