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CEO Message


Our society is in demand. It requires different solutions in all of the fields. It requires an opening entrance way into activity and construction in order to escape from bottleneck. To identify bottleneck and to establish labor space, however, these are government’s responsibilities but all the people likewise private companies are entitled to participate to have the same ideas in this difficult road but as fruitful.

In the time period when professional activities are confronted with a more difficulty, these are the typical men and leading organizations that can be steersman of movement and flee from lethargy and despair mode into exhilaration and effort mode. The thoughts and valuable movement are derived from hopeful and lover men. Love and passion of exit from darkness space and silence is a light which lightens the area with its warmth and melts hopeless ices.

ARIA PISHROW GHARN Company which has called itself a “pioneer” from the start point doesn’t want to walk on dark space and its main condition for activity is to maintain targeted efforts and spirit and separation from hopeless regardless of increasing difficulties. It causes that the said company is experienced for servicing and accept professional responsibility.

We approached the preferred method by emphasizing upon honesty, cooperation and partnership and by maintaining promotion and developing professional domain and cooperation with all beneficiaries. 

Business environment is not limited to geographical borders and native knowledge. Aria has predicted that by being presented in the region, it can evaluate its capabilities on international field and by removing the defects can be present stronger in the national and regional business environment.

We consider company’s vision in “consistent development” by “keeping principles” and the prerequisite based on yearly experience, eternal love and the energy derived from it which has no origin and foundation except God. That is the way that we are ready for service as proud and hopeful.

The professional acquaintance with international and national industrial standards and utilizing them with observance of clients 'interest as well as maintenance of conditions and requirements meeting with ISO 9001:2008 on the execution and knowledge management of projects basis is the specific advantage of specialty of Aria’s team.

Furthering such a difficult can be met only by God’s consideration, love and hope to bright future of country and tireless endeavors of accompanying persons that may lead to success.